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Visiting Day

In visiting day, the committee and volunteers from Bina Nusantara University will visit children who sufferers down syndrome in their school(SLBC Wimar Asih). The objective of our activities in visiting day are to distribute ABA therapy from YCHI to the children we visited, build their confidence, and give them life motivation to be ready as the nation's generation. In short, our activities will combine entertainment and education.

For the entertainment, we've prepared some games. And for the education, the therapy are presented by the YCHI itself.

Final Day

After the visiting day, the last part of the event is the Final Day. This event is conducted to show people’s care and fulfill the children’s right to participate in public activities. Some of the children that we have visited will be joining us to deliver their aspiration. There are several activities that will be conducted during the Final Day, including talk show from one of the child with Down syndrome, performances, and many more.

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