A Sound for the Little Hope


1. Fundraising and Donation Month

In this phase, we will do several activities to increase fund. In order to be able to provide the hearing tools and modules which will be delivered to the deafs as well as inviting donators to be involved in this event.

2. Visiting Week

We visits the deaf's schools and do activities there like playing games, hearing checking by doctors, and teaching them basic of English for the deafs.

3. Final Silent Day

The peak day of the event, where we gather all of the deafs from the schools we visited before and will hold an extraordinarily silent-based series of events where we try to execute the event without using sound and optimizes texts and visualisation as our base in communication, followed up by the fasting-dinner where the participants will be having a dinner together to break the fasting period and have fun together during dinner as there will be some performance to enlightens the situation


In 1992, deriving from a passion for English language and the realization that it is a critical language for everyone to learn and master (especially for BINUS students), a group of people established BNEC. To improve its member English skills, BNEC provides several classes, which are TOEFL, Debate, Scrabble, and also Public Speaking and Performance. Growing further as a student club, BNEC had achieved the title Best Student Organization in BINUS for five times and also gained lots of achievements and international acknowledgement.

The social event have been a place executed for different target with different topics each years, The 2016 Social Event "The Joy of Hearing" intends to bring together the hearing-impaired and gave them another platform to communicate even further, with giving them a hearing-check by professional institutions and followed up with english lessons using interactive ways such as custom-designed modules and videos during the visiting week. and in the final day, which is a planned silent-based series of events where we execute it without any sound involved, relying on texts, gestures, and body language as our medium of communication. This final day is created in order for them to have fun together and also increases their courage to communicate with others more, also the social event will give some hearing-tools in order to help the schools and the deaf to be able to advance further in the communication world



Daily life needs such as apparels(shirts, formal wearings, pants, etc) and also include tertiary-needs like bag, glasses, wallets, backpack, ... everything that is usable!


In order to run the event, funds(fresh money) are inevitable which will be used for the event itself, and buying hearing tools for the deafs

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0813 5198 0565 (Victor Stanley)victor.stanley79@yahoo.com

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